My Giordy Has Gone to a Better Place

This video posted by GbHandlebar makes it clear that selling my Giordy was absolutely the right thing to do. There it is, the dickens, in Handlebar’s hands. Even in this short piece, he gets better sounds out of the little Castagnari than I was ever able to. Well played! Beautiful stuff. The tune is Andy Cutting’s Flatworld.

5 thoughts on “My Giordy Has Gone to a Better Place

  1. Hi Gary, Had no idea that GbHandlebar wound up with your Giordy. I also have a Giordy & have found GbH’s videos the best illustrations of just what one can do with it & what kinds of cool sounds one can coax from it.


    1. I find that Mr. Handlebar is a master of the theatrical element of music, which may seem obvious, but my local crowd leans so heavily on the dancing aspect that the theatrical (storytelling) aspect can get left behind.


  2. Also, have enjoyed checking out your videos, your tale of your trip to France, & discovering the “La Bourree” book in PDF form. My French tune pals are currently perusing it for new tunes. I myself have been playing traditional French tunes for about 18 years, have learned a lot of French tunes, but only recognized a couple of the tunes in the book. Finally, it was interesting to see that my hammered dulcimer friend, Chuck Boody, helped to create the PDF & the index for the book. Thanks for helping this old book to live again!

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    1. Thanks for the kind words. That La Bourree project was something. Quite a discovery. The tunes can be trickier than it seems, and the number of them that have lyrics makes you realize that vocals were as integral to dancing as anything.


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