Quebecois Tunes

I don’t usually do second-degree blog posts, but Andy in Vermont has uncovered a web site devoted to Quebecois tunes that looks amazingly good. The link is over at his Melodeon Minutes.

I should mention that when my French pals were here, they quietly chastised me for doting on their European French tradition while ignoring the lively Franco and Quebecois traditions right on my doorstep. I do enjoy Quebecois music — though my time playing Irish trad has made me wary of reels. Does this mean I’ll need a one-row accordion in D?

3 thoughts on “Quebecois Tunes

  1. That's right. I remember the workshop you taught. You had a one row in G and played a D tune in the D position. That was maddening. Maybe worth a try now. Especially on the Nik.


  2. That must have been a G tune on a one-row in D (I've never had a G). It's a Philippe Bruneau tune called Hommage a Marcel LeCour(sp?). Bruneau played it in F on a C box!
    I think what happened was that there were some people with D/G boxes and some with G/C boxes at the workshop. I volunteered to teach that tune because it could be played on either — but then insanity resulted (for some participants). Oh well, I think that music should free our minds!


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