Mechanical Wonder

A great evening! The Artwalk happened last night in my hometown of Gardiner, Maine. I realized it’s been weeks since I played and months since I played in front of people. Without any real plan, I brought my box with me to the Waterstreet Cafe and asked if they’d like some music, and they were thrilled! The pieces featured at the cafe were perpetual motion sculptures by cafe owner Rob Lash – absolutely mesmerizing. I’m pretty sure it improved my playing by inspiring me away from tension. Without a list, I played for two hours, and the peripatetic Artwalk wanderers were very appreciative. Great night. Thank you, Rob and Amy, for having such a great space.

Daughter Brigid took the photo below (Thank you!). I swear I was very happy when she took it, and playing quite well at that moment. The look on my face is one of pondering a tedious medical procedure. Accordion-face is a problem.

Mechanical Wonder

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