My Grandfather’s Accordéonist

Updated below!

Going through some family photos, I found this. I’m not sure what exactly what this group is — a fraternal organization?  a business club? — and I’m not sure why they seem to have a pet accordéonist … but that’s pretty dang cool! My grandfather, Charles Hinnen, fourth from the right, was around twenty-five at the time, and would have been in Zurich, but I really can’t say for sure where this was.

Thanks to Peter Bernard for scanning and cleaning up this photo.
UPDATE: My blogging colleague, Owen Woods points out in comments that the box in this picture is a schwyzerörgeli, a swiss variety of accordéon. I had thought this was a type of club accordéon, but looking at the left hand side of this box it is very örgelish. Woods did a an excellent piece on the schwyzerörgeli HERE.
UPDATE TWO:  I was excited to read the following comment from B.V.:

Hello, this is perhaps the accordion club in Zurich. I am looking for material on this club Zürich-Wiedikon. If you have any other photos, I’d be happy to receive mail from you. Maurice Thöni have led the club in the 1940s. Sincerely B.V.

3 Comments on “My Grandfather’s Accordéonist

  1. Bonjour,
    c'est peut-être le club d'accordéon de Zürich. Je cherche des documents sur ce club de Zürcih-Wiedikon. Si vous avez d'autres photos, je serai contente de recevoir un mail de votre part. Maurice Thöni aurait dirigé ce club dans les années 1940.

    Cordiales salutations.


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