Castagnari in the Wild

This Nik approached us on a trail in Vaughn’s Woods, in Hallowell, ME. Considering how skittish they usually are, this box was extraordinarily friendly and docile. Notice that the straps are fastened, indicating that it may have once been domesticated. Anyone else with sightings to report. Images will be published here.

5 thoughts on “Castagnari in the Wild

  1. It was a thrill just to play one tune after you caught it. Thanks again. I truly had no idea what I was missing. Thanks for having a chat with me as well. I enjoyed it. It was great to hear you play in person.


  2. I see that there is a “leash” on “Nik” which I am glad to see as this is clearly stated in the “rules for Vaughan Woods” ;-)! Beautiful place! I hope you played some tunes there, I'm sure it would have been appreciated by the woods and by Ellen, if she was around.



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