Wals Voor Polle

This waltz, by Wim Poesen, became something of a beloved chestnut for me after I heard the House Band’s version on their Stonetown CD. I recently went into a friend’s studio to get a quality recording of my Baffetti, and laid down this recording of the Wals. Thanks to Caleb Orion for recording and engineering.

Wals Voor Pollee, played by me on the Baffetti Tex-Mex II/34

And here’s a stunning performance by piper Polle Ranson for whom the Wals is voor.

UPDATE: Go HERE for additional recordings of Ranson playing the tune on Flemish pipes.

4 thoughts on “Wals Voor Polle

  1. It is nice to see that this piece of Flemisch folk music travels this far around the world. As a small remark the title is “Wals voor Polle” and Polle is a first name. The author is called Wim Poesen see http://www.wimpoesen.com/

    Regards and have fun while playing you squeezebox,

    Iwein Jacobs
    Accordeons Viseur Belgium


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