Pique Diatonique Sept 2013

The twice yearly accordion gathering, Pique Diatonique, took place on September 14. I think of it as an Alsatian event, but really it takes place all around that region. Friend Mary Line took and posted an album of pics, including the following photos. I’ve written about Pique Diatonique before (and here). One day I’ll go back!
Photo: Mary Line
Sylvain Piron Photo:Mary Line

Photo: Mary Line

Photo: Mary Line

Next year, in Alsace!

One thought on “Pique Diatonique Sept 2013

  1. Alright, I screwed up. I haven't ordered my copy of “L'Autre Diatoniste” yet. I feel like the last kid to see “Star Wars” while all the other kids are talking about it. I'm getting it today.

    By the way, the peasant woman with the apron in the upper right margin of the web page is strangely…hot.


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