Month: May 2016

Monday Flo

This is Florence Glorion a player of the chromatic button accordion, who duets often with  diato player Florence Pindivic. They host a site together, Diou Flo, which focuses primarily on Breton music. I love both of the Florences’ music, and will feature Pindivic next…

Unknown Tune in Four

The Theme of the Month at mel,net is “Something in Four.” It’s for the odds and sods tunes. The march, polka, or whatever that seems somehow different and out of place. This tune is one that I learned from a fiddler about fifteen years…

Alain Pennec, Breton Accordion

A bit of Alain Pennec to start off your week. He’s known for deploying interesting band arrangements, so capturing him solo is a special treat. Enjoy.