Three Bourrées (2-time)

Continuing the Bal Folk Tune Book Project with three 2-beat bourrées — “Les Moutons” #153 “En Passant la Rivière” #144 “Bourrées Dérobée” #148 — done in a fairly straightforward style. The first and third tune are in G, the middle tune is in D. That was a choice I made, since it is a completely diatonic tune, and usually for that sort of thing I would either transpose to a home key for this box (G/C) or get a different box in the right key. I did neither of those things and, because the key is a not-home one for that box, it sounds clunky to me when I get to the C#.


Well, that is why I took up the project — aside from obviating pandemic madness — to push me further in my playing. I’m almost ninety tunes into the Bal Folk Tune Book Project and the low hanging fruit is disappearing.

6 thoughts on “Three Bourrées (2-time)

  1. Bravo Gary pour ces 3 bourrées du répertoire traditionnel français… l’accompagnement est original et marqué d’une bonne independance main droite main gauche ce que je n’ai pas encore bien…
    Bonne journée du 31 décembre et bon Ŕéveillon
    Yves Camenen😃


  2. Hi Gary,
    Your first tune (“Les Moutons”) is different from what I & my French tune pals here in Silicon Valley know as “Les Moutons.” You can hear the version we know as “Les Moutons” in this video of some of us playing for a dance in a pick-up band in San Francisco about a decade ago. (I’m the one playing the hammered dulcimer).

    I wonder if your rendition is simply another tune named “Les Moutons” or maybe a misprint?


      1. Hi Gary,

        I goofed about the name of the first 2 time bourree on the video link I recently sent to you; that we know as “Ton Ruban Bleu” too. Here’s what we know as “Les Moutons”:

        Sorry for the goof!

        A bientôt,


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