La Tricotado #66

I made this recording a while ago, but find that it still stands up. This is part of the Bal Folk Tune Book Project.

2 thoughts on “La Tricotado #66

  1. Hi Gary, Just wondering if you & Barbara Truex & any other Francophiles enjoy getting together for a virtual French tune session via Zoom? There is such a session hosted by Kevin Hughes out of the SF Bay Area which happens at 4pm PST on every Sunday afternoon. He has extended the invitation to include others we’d like to play with, so–if you’re interested–I would be happy to give you the link. It’s basically billed as a French & English session, but has been mostly French with a bit of English, Old Time & Swedish, as I recall. I think you might enjoy it. The players include some quite accomplished ones & are friendly. A number of them are Lark in the Morning World Music Camp regulars. A bientôt,Peter


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