La Marin Congo: The Free Reed Liberation Orchestra

This is a tune Gary learned twenty years ago (at least) from clarinet buddy Steve Gruverman. I’m not sure of the provenance of the Congo, as a dance in France, but it was popular in the 1920s with the Bal Musette, I believe. FRLO (Halloween 2022 edition) is Gary Chapin, Anahata, Martin Dumas, Matthew Bampton, Janneke Slagter, Gren Penn, Margaret Cox, and Barbara Truex.

The Horrible Snail (L’horrible Shleck!)

L’horrible Shleck

Welcome back to the Free Reed Liberation Orchestra, playing an Alsatian branle brought to us by Steve Gruverman and Marie Wendt!

Artwork by David Hamilton

FRLO July 2022 is directed by Gary Chapin. Players are:

Anahata, Matthew Bampton, John Barber, David Barnert, Gary Chapin, Margaret Cox, Martin Dumas, Eric Johnson, Gren Penn, Janneke Slagter

All parts are copyright 2022.

A Noir Accordion Murder Mystery

Detective Weltmeister came onto the scene, a ratty one bedroom apartment with a dead mendicant and a silent, broken accordion.

I stood at the door. A first year uniformed flatfoot. I’d knocked on the old guy’s door to offer him some date nut bread from my wife. Looked in. Saw the mayhem, and called the precinct and detective.

The accordion was in a distended, immodest state, bellows stretched. The detective, with grace, picked up the shambles, set it aside, and covered it with a small towel. It let out one last wheeze. An F sharp, I think. Like a death rattle.

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