Le Bon Truc PhotosThis blog was created to provide me with an opportunity to learn about, talk about, have conversations about French accordéon music and its related ilk. I love French accordéon in its many varieties. obsessing about it and yammering on about it and learning about it. That’s why I’m here. There are essentially two threads running through this blog. The first is about my own encounters with this music, memoirs or reporting of trips or instrument acquisitions, and videos of my own playing. The second is about the exemplars in the field, i.e., tributes to players out there, specific recordings, or specific tunes; sometimes interviews with prominent players.

I make mistakes, and I’ve decided, as much as possible, to make them out in the open. I’m a good accordéonist, and a good writer, and I’m good at being fascinated by this music. I know a lot about tradFrench, but hardly everything. I am eminently willing to be wrong about things, and to be corrected about them.

I’m here because I take tremendous joy in French music and l’accordéon diatonique — besotted by it — and welcome the company of anyone who wants to share in that joy.

Gary Chapin
Fayette, Maine
United States