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UPDATE: Gilles Péquignot of Au Gré des Vent has pointed me to their more current web site — Association Carnet de Bal. On that site, four of the group’s albums are available for streaming. They also have about twenty-five tunes available as sheet music….

Branle Asymétrique

A branle is a medieval dance, still done in many areas of France and Germany. It’s pronounced “brawl,” and is the etymological foremother of the modern word for a chaotic outbreak of fisticuffs — which should tell you something about the dance. This branle is…

Waltz in Five

Here’s a waltz in 5/4 (count 1, 2, 1, 2, 3 …) for the theme of the month. It’s a very basic tune found on Patrick Bouffard’s Rabaterie recording. Of course, when he plays it, it’s not basic at all.