Holiday Tunes

I am not a big holiday tune kind of guy, but I’ve been asked twice by people I respect to post something along those lines. I have been playing like mad since acquiring the Mory, but haven’t been gigging, or recording. It’s the woodshed for me. Perhaps, as the sun is reborn, so shall my accordeonaire-ing.

C’est Noël!

Now that Thanksgiving is past in the States, I feel okay drawing your attention to this CD by my Le Bon Truc colleague, mezzo-soprano Joëlle Morris. For this amazing collection of French Christmas songs, Morris is accompanied by pianist Bridget Convey. The whole thing was recorded at the Franco Center in Lewiston, Maine, a ridiculously good space for music. Click through to the bandcamp site in order to listen and buy.

(Apologies for the complete absence of accordéonaire content … but I’m not really sorry, because this CD is that good.)