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Monday in Estonia

Going far afield for this one, Ida Furusæter playing at a 2010 Estonian Lõõtspillifestivalil festival. I’ve watched this one dozens of times and keep coming back to it. Check out her left hand. Pretty sure her basses are unisonoric. It is to die for….

Lõõtspiel Marvel

Accordéonaire friend Astrid Tøndel drew my attention to the below video. I have written briefly before about the lõõtspiel, an utterly charming Estonian member of the free reed family. I’ll let the music speak for itself.

25,000 Visits! Thank you!

Last week, I had a minor celebration as the hits ticker crossed over the 25K line. For a blog like this one, covering an instrument and music genre that could both be described as obscure, that’s pretty danged good. The title of the blog…

A Good Question!

In comments, the inimitable Tomb asked the following question:Alright, Professor Chapin, here’s my latest in what will be a long line of questions from a novice. The history of the bellows that you’ve published so far seems almost entirely centered in England and France….