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Wouter and the Dragon

Wouter Kuyper is an accordionist from the Netherlands. He’s a member of the bal folk band, Lirio, and recently joined in duo with Joris Alblas (guitar) on a new recording, Wouter en de Draak. Via the interwebs I got into a convo with Wouter…

Lõõtspiel Marvel

Accordéonaire friend Astrid Tøndel drew my attention to the below video. I have written briefly before about the lõõtspiel, an utterly charming Estonian member of the free reed family. I’ll let the music speak for itself.

One-Row Goodness

Castagnari Max, One-Row Diatonic Accordion players speak affectionately of the warmth or lift generated by the push/pull action of their boxes. It’s better for dancing, they might say, or, it has a character to it that’s different from (read better than) chromatic or piano accordions. I don’t believe…

Lady Cassili’s Lilt

Off topic from the usual French stuff, the Theme of the Month is music from Scotland. I’ve loved harper Robin Williamson for years. This tune, “Lady Cassili’s Lilt,” is on Williamson’s Legacy of the Scottish Harpers. UPDATE: A listener over on supplied…

Accordion Building Workshop

In February, in Norway, at the Rauland International Winterfestival, international folk music doings were abundant. Among these doings, accordionist and singer Emmanuel Pariselle led a “build your own accordion” workshop for twelve extraordinarily skilled crafters. Norwegian photojournalist Knut Utler, who has a fascination with…

A Good Question!

In comments, the inimitable Tomb asked the following question:Alright, Professor Chapin, here’s my latest in what will be a long line of questions from a novice. The history of the bellows that you’ve published so far seems almost entirely centered in England and France….

Polka Groove from Norway

A well played polka is a beautiful, awesome, subtle thing.  Rikke van Ommeren can be found here.