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Neil Postman and Accordion Technopoly

Neil Postman:  Not an Accordionist Over on the Music and Melodeons blog, Owen is crafting a series of posts on the perennial query, “What is Folk Music?” At Melodeon Minutes, home of friend Andy from Vermont, the new Castagnari on-line catalogue is being gone…

Ask the Dancers!

How’s the bourrée?  Ask the dancers. In response to Friday’s post about what it means to play a bourrée well, a number of and worthies responded that you know you’re playing a bourrée well when the dancers are dancing a good bourrée….

What Does it Mean to Play a Bourrée Well?

Thanks to the folks at Mel.Net for the discussions that sparked this piece. More than usually, this post expresses confusion, rather than conviction. Any questions, corrections, or suggestions are appreciated. How to play a good bourrée? What does it mean to play a bourrée well? I’ve…