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Le Roulier

The tune is “Le Roulier,” a traditional piece that I first heard on Frédéric Paris’ Carnet de Bal. The images are photos taken by my daughter, Brigid.

Adieu les Filles de mon Pays

Something for 11/11. Farewell to the boys of my country.

Appreciate Chris Parkinson

I first heard Chris Parkinson on the amazing House Band recording, Another Setting. I saw him play with the band in Minneapolis in — I wanna say — 1994? I am almost certain I wouldn’t be playing accordion without him.

Drawing of L’Accordeonaire by Brigid

Le Bon Truc Concert videos

I lead a good life. On May 2nd, my trio, Le Bon Truc, played at Blue, in Portland (Maine). We managed to pack the place and then play perhaps our best ever. It was super and felt great. Friend of the band, Sunshine Perlis,…

Suite des Aigrettes

A suite of tunes written by myself: The Egret’s Suite. Written in what was intended to be a breton-ish style (but drifted). The first tune is definitely one idea of what Breton folks might write as mazurka, if they wrote mazurkas. The second tune…

Mazurka de Comptoir

For your pleasure!

Tribute to Dino Baffetti

I was sad to hear that, earlier this month, the Maestro Dino Baffetti passed away. When one considers the reach of Baffetti Accordions, the amount of joy he’s responsible for bringing into the world is amazing. As a tribute, here are some videos of…

Duo Abbas/Thézé Mazurka

A very beautifully shot performance of a beautiful piece of music. Duo Abbas/Thézé bring a bass clarinet and chromatic button accordion together for a super sexy, jazz inflected mazurkas. The dancers are mesmerizing. That guy at the end, his smile … tells a story.

The Language of the Button Box

This was originally published in February 2011, in a slightly different form. Reading the front pages of today’s “fake news” rags, I can still see that our world’s understanding of accordion lingo could fairly be described as a dearth. I hope this piece serves…

French Dance, Portland, Maine, November Six

On Sunday, November 6 at Mayo Street Arts, in Portland, Maine, my trio will be playing for an extended French extravaganza. Beginning at 4:00 pm, we will play for a dance workshop, led by the fabulous Marie Wendt. At 7:00 pm we’ll play an…

Best Gig Comment Ever

I played for an hour yesterday at a local nursing home. Most everyone seemed to enjoy it. I enjoyed it. But one woman — the oldest in the building — did not enjoy it. She sat about five feet away, directly in front of…