Two Old Waltzes

I learned these two from Sylvain Piron’s website nearly 25 years ago. They are Valse á Cadet and Valse d’Ernest Lurde. For some reason I thought they were in the Bal Folk Tune Book. They are NOT. But they are kickass waltzes and I invite you to wallow in their kickassedness.

L’Aurillacoise (Bal Folk #122)

I was wearing a great hat in this one. But then cropped it out so you could spend time with the trees.

Here’s a deep dive. This is a great one that I have in a number of sources, and have been playing for years. You may not hear, but the third note is a sharp 4th (E, in this case, because it’s played in Bflat), and it’s such a fleeting note, but so essential!

It’s part of the Bal Folk Tune Project. Here’s Jac Lavergne playing it, on his wonderful AMTA cassette.


And here’s Henri Momboisse, from back in the day. Much ornamentation. Chromatic Button Accordion. A swifter instrument for a swifter time.

Also, the tune has a lyric, and here’s the group Wazoo doing a fantastic arrangement.

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