Bourrées à Deux Temps (#143, 152, 151)

Here are three of the good-old old ones. Le Ruban Bleu, Youp’ Nanette, and (the other) Youp’ Nanette. Yes, there are two. That Nanette! Must have been something. Like that lovely Nancy who keeps showing up in English songs. Played on the Hohner Erica A/D.

L’Aigo de Rotzo (Bal Folk #3)

Enjoy this scottish, tune #3 in the Bal Folk Tune Book. The second tune is another scottish (though I play it at polka speed), called L’eau de Roche. I would have bet money that it was also in the Bal Folk Tune Book but I was wrong! (It was probably in the pink or blue book.) Consider it a bonus for the Tune Book Project.

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