Month: June 2016

Florence Pindivic Monday!

As promised a few weeks ago while talking about the other Flo of diato land, here is a piece played by Florence Pindivic, or DiouFlo fame. The tune is “Negen Rozen,” by Mark Söhngen. Next time I will celebrate the duo qua duo.

Pilgrimage to the Button Box

Le Maestro, Doug I found myself spending a day working in Connecticut, and decided on a whim to cut out early and take a swing to The Button Box, a mere two point five hours away, and a genuine melodeon mecca. While the trip…

‎Stéphane Milleret Announces Instruction Videos

 ‎Stéphane Milleret on the right, with partner Norbert Pignol Hurrah! Over on Facebook, a few days ago, ‎wizard accordionist Stéphane Milleret announced that, beginning next September he will be launching a series of instructional videos. These will be posted in the shop on the Mustradem…