Two Alsatian branles

Played these tunes at church this week. I don’t think I made the gormless accordion face there. Go figure. Sounds good, though! And it’s pronounced “brawl,” with an extra bit of nasal business between the “l” and the “w.”


Plant a cao, appreciated

I’ve been thinking of the tune “Plant a Cao,” lately (sheet music down below). It was nominated for tune of the month over on It was voted down, but a fascination was still sparked. This is a scottish I first heard on the Musaique CD, by Ad Vielle Que Pourra. They play it at light speed, which suits me some of the time. My current favorite version is this one by Jean Luc Gueneau and Gilles Poutoux:

I heard the Gentiane version, featuring the great Jean Blanchard some years later. It has a gentler, more playful tone:

And here’s a solo accordion version by Jac Lavergne, from his Cadence d’Auvergne cassette tape.

The “lightspeed” version I mentioned above is the second tune in the set below:

And here is sheet music from Sylvain Piron’s set of scottishes on his tradfrance site.

As a bonus for my friend, Barb Truex, here it is on mountain dulcimer:


Night Before Thanksgiving Performance!

LE BON TRUC will ring in the holiday season with a long set at Blue in Portland, ME on November 27 from 7:30-9Gary Chapin (accordions), Steve Gruverman (clarinets, bombard), and Barb Truex (dulcimer, tenor guitar, banjo uke) specialize in music from many areas of France, much of it from the folk dance traditions.  A few other fun pieces always get thrown in too. This is officially an “Irish Night” at Blue but the broader category is “Celtic” which covers much of France (and Spain) beyond the familiar Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England. Le Bon Truc’s repertoire encompasses tunes from Brittany, Alsace, Auvergne and more. There is always an Irish session at Blue after the featured concert. Come join us and get your winter season rolling!


Three Flat Bourrées

When I got my first flat keyed accordion (the Dino Baffetti in F/Bb/Eb), I asked the band if we could do some flat tunes just because. This was the first. A set of bog norm bourrées in three performed at Port City Blue — in Portland, ME — about a year ago. The tunes are 1. Bourree Droite 2. Bourree de St. Pierre 3. Bourree d’Egletons.



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