Video from Embraud

Time again for the summer festivals in France. Jackdiatonique (denizen of posted a ton of videos from his travels. Including these three of an impromptu group playing some very Auvergnat bourrées. Note the instrumentation: cabrette, diatonic accordéon, chromatic accordéon, and two banjos! Note also the foot action going on! Great stuff. Thank you, Jack.

UPDATE: The diatoniste below is Etienne Loic, whose info can be found at the AMTA site. (h/t Chris Ryall).

Go to Jack’s YouTube to watch the rest.

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  1. Delighted that Loic has mailed me to welcome the videos and to give the following list of some of the tune titles played at Embraud.

    -1 : Bourrée du meunier

    -2 : Sur lo can d'en douno

    -3 : Bourrée de Saint-Georges

    -4 : Bourrée de Chantejal

    -5 : Jolie musette / Bourrée à Bergheaud

    -6 : Bourrée D'Aumont

    -7 : La canne à Gustou

    -8 : La canne à Gustou / Crebe de si

    -9 : Amont sus la montanha

    -10 : Si vous saviez jeune fille / Ten te redde

    -11 : Bourrée à Tournadre / La marguerite de Gennes

    -12 : ??? / Bourrée à Durif

    -13 : Les échos du Puy Mary

    Jack Humphreys (jackdiatonique on YT)


  2. Thank you Jack and Etienne! One thing I noticed is that because of these and Les Costauds de la Lune (and some archival recordings from the 30s and 40s) I have come to associate banjo with Auvergnat playing!


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