The Last Accordion I’ll Ever Buy? (Waltz)

It’s seeming ever more likely that I’ll be able to take ownership of the Castagnari Nik. Here’s a very simple, fast French waltz. I don’t know the name of it. It was one of the first Massif Central tunes I ever learned, back in the day of the Corso.

5 thoughts on “The Last Accordion I’ll Ever Buy? (Waltz)

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  1. That's the way it is with waltzes. The most romantic dance of all time: the entire world is spinning except for the face of your lover.

    Hm, women don't throw themselves at me when I read your blog.


  2. Hello,
    Nice waltz ! Once i'll learn every tune you post, but i choosed to start with this one. I'm quite a beginner, and i have a little problem playing the bars containing the little push/pull part on the first half oh the tune, first played on the 10th and 17th seconds of the video. Does the (quick !) push/pull happens while playing the bass on left hand, or do you play the E with no bass ? I tried a lot of alternatives, but none sounds like yours…
    Thanks !


  3. Max, this is one of those tunes where the left hand runs pretty independently. For the first section, I'm just chugging on 1-2-3, whatever direction the bellows are going for the melody. The trick — although it's not a trick — is to play the basses and chords very quickly, don't linger. Almost as if, instead of quarter-quarter-quarter, it's eighth-rest-eighth-rest-eighth-rest. I don't do anything on that section of music differently from the rest of the tune. By the time you get from the D to the E, the bass is not sounding.


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